Gopi Bala LLC President and Founder, Gopinath Balasubramanian

Dear Colleague,

We remain optimistic that the pro-growth policies of 2017 will continue through the US election cycle in 2018. Consumers and companies alike will remain bullish about the economy (and individual pocket books), as the impact of the new tax laws kick-in. The US will continue to lead in helping other free-market countries build stronger economies, going forward.

  • From a CIO or IT perspective, expect more building blocks of the digital enterprise to be put in place, across the people, process and technology opportunity set. Digital architectures - sound blueprints for planned growth - will be required; not just ad hoc best-of-breed implementations. The day-to-day blocking and tackling on cybersecurity and cloud implementations will continue. Rising rates will not hinder, in our view, the next round of IT purchasing this year.  
  • CIOs can finally make the case for more innovation dollars and their best staff can expect healthy raises in 2018. New hires – more hacker, rather than traditional IT personality - will likely be working in areas such as block chain, intelligent analytics, and IoT integration, among others. They will be helping prototype, test and iteratively build more competitive foundations for the emerging digital enterprise. Cycle time - from ideation, to instantiation, to iteration - will be measured in short weeks and months, even for significant applications, and not years. The focus on time-to-market as the key IT metric and operating philosophy, will persist. No changes expected there.
  • Staffing pressures are, unfortunately, here to stay. Not as much for the tech builders; however, more so for IT organizations. CIOs will be hard-pressed to do more with what they have. The good news is that they can be less price conscious in their use of available funds. The days of willy-nilly outsourcing of IT work, as a conditioned reflex, are however, finally over.

As always, we are simply a phone call away at 617-921-0100 if you would like to discuss how to sustainably position your business and IT environment for the expected risk-laden, growth environment in 2018.  Our consultant-advisors have over 20 years of industry experience on average.  Each consultant is knowledgeable and experienced in several strategy and operational disciplines. They are comfortable working with senior business and IT management in multiple industries and government. In addition, we bring scale to client engagements by working closely with trusted teaming partners who have geographical reach and demonstrated expertise in problem solving, technology solutioning and operational execution.

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Gopi Bala

President & Founder, Gopi Bala LLC

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