Gopi Bala LLC President and Founder, Gopinath Balasubramanian

Dear Colleague,

Current geopolitics will affect organizational and agency staff at both the personal and professional levels. We counsel patience and perseverance to the degree needed. In the net, the mantra ‘change is good’ will be proven right yet again. In aggregate, as the year moves along, businesses, small and large, will become stronger, pro-growth employment levels will remain high, and there will sustained levels of optimism about the future.

  • From a CIO or IT perspective, however, we anticipate more business-as-usual evolution, rather than any major revolution. Investments in cloud and mobile cyber security, for example, will continue this year. As will the incremental planning around digital transformation, building on architecture and innovation initiatives from 2015/16. In general, a ‘let’s wait-and-see’ attitude will be the prevailing decision-making mode, across the people, process and technology opportunity set. 
  • In anticipation of headwinds, the focus will shift perceptibly toward honing core operations. We see most IT organizations demonstrating increasing competency in keeping the lights on as efficiently and effectively as possible, under a more constrained budget regime, throughout the year. While we anticipate few, if any, out-of-the box ideas to be proposed for implementation within Government and Industry, we expect IT to remain results-focused and metrics driven.  IT staffing pressures may start to manifest in the second half of 2017, into 2018.

As always, we are simply a phone call away at 617-921-0100 if you would like to discuss how to sustainably position your business and IT environment for the expected risk-laden, growth environment in 2016.  Our consultant-advisors have over 20 years of industry experience on average.  Each consultant is knowledgeable and experienced in several strategy and operational disciplines. They are comfortable working with senior business and IT management in multiple industries and government. In addition, we bring scale to client engagements by working closely with trusted teaming partners who have geographical reach and demonstrated expertise in problem solving, technology solutioning and operational execution.

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Gopi Bala

President & Founder, Gopi Bala LLC

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